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In episode 392 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews David Law, senior vice president and general manager of Allen Edmonds, a U.S.-based handmade luxury men’s footwear heritage brand. Listen in as Law provides an overview of the legacy brand (1:00), his professional background and role at Allen Edmonds (2:35), and the factors he believes have led to the brand's success over its 100-year history (3:52). He shares how Allen Edmonds prioritizes a culture of innovation and reinvention across the business (5:55), and how the brand continues to evolve its product lines to meet today's consumer demands and changing behaviors following the COVID-19 pandemic (8:40).

In addition, Law discusses the growth he's tracking from Allen Edmonds' core dress product lines to its newer, sportier products (10:33), and how its long-time commitment to high-quality product manifests itself in the business' operations today (13:08). He shares the critical importance of hiring and retaining the right talent to fuel long-term success (14:50), and the growth opportunities that he's most excited about for Allen Edmonds in 2023 (17:23).


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