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In episode 297 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Kristine Moody, founder and managing director of Team Magnus, the leading junior sports and outdoors brand focused on pre-teens. Listen in as Moody discusses the Team Magnus brand and its products, how and why the brand sells about 97 percent of its product on, and why she founded the company. She shares how the COVID-19 pandemic caused a boom in sales as families bought toys and equipment to keep kids active, and how Team Magnus addressed supply chain strain by overcommunicating with customers.

In addition, Moody discusses why selling on Amazon has become a critical part of Team Magnus' growth strategy, the importance of utilizing searchers' native languages in keywords and product reviews, and other factors that have contributed to the company's success selling on the online marketplace. She shares why great customer service is essential for retention, what she's focused on to build on the momentum that Team Magnus has gained during the last year, and how she plans to bulk up the company's direct-to-consumer business.

Kristine Moody runs the junior sports brand Team Magnus, which she founded in 2010. Prior to that she worked as a business reporter and news editor. Kristine was the European stock market commentator for CNBC before taking up magazine editor work in her native Norway. She studied history at Edinburgh University before her first media job, which was with the Financial Times Group in London. Kristine's three kids are still involved in product development for Team Magnus, which is one of Europe's biggest vendors on Amazon and a fast-growing brand for pre-teens, focused on entry-level sports and outdoors gear.

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