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In episode 214 of Total Retail Talks, Executive Editor Joe Keenan interviews Emma Crepeau, vice president of performance marketing at Sweaty Betty, a London-based women's activewear retailer. Listen in as Crepeau discusses what customer centricity means to Sweaty Betty; how the retailer is expanding from brick-and-mortar into digital channels; and how the brand ethos impacts product, marketing efforts and more. The company focuses on social media and video marketing, delving into influencer marketing and showcasing customer stories and lifestyle messages. Crepeau shares how Sweaty Betty collects and uses customer data, including a new leggings quiz pop-up on the website that rewards customer engagement with a discount code. The activewear brand feels that its smaller customer base allows it to personalize and customize offerings for customers more so than larger competitors. Sweaty Betty is pushing into the U.S., and Crepeau shares the brand's plans to open physical stores in the U.S., and the role marketing will play in supporting that expansion.

Emma Crepeau has been with Sweaty Betty since 2014, where she rose through the marketing department to her current role as vice president of performance marketing. Prior to working at Sweaty Betty, Crepeau held positions as a financial consultant for SF Group, and a marketing and event executive for NetConstruct. She holds a bachelor's degree in marketing and advertising from Leeds Metropolitan University.

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