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In episode 270 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Jeanne Anderson, senior vice president and general manager of Saatchi Art, the world’s leading online art marketplace, connecting people with art and artists they love. Listen in as Anderson discusses the company's history and mission, how Saatchi Art has evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the shift in luxury art spending during the health crisis.

In addition, Anderson shares how COVID-19 is easing resistance to buying luxury items online, why Saatchi Art's online shopping experience is more welcoming and accessible to the everyday consumer than a traditional in-person art gallery, and how the company shifted to meet increased demand over the past few months. Anderson discusses Saatchi Art's in-person art event business, The Other Art Fair; how this business generated more than $1 million from April to July after launching its Online Studios virtual fair experience; and what consumer behavior changes she sees as permanent. Lastly, she shares her advice for other luxury goods retailers and brands looking to sell product online, as well as the importance of telling rich brand stories to foster customer connection.

As general manager of Saatchi Art, Jeanne Anderson has P&L responsibility for the e-commerce, hospitality and international Art Fair event businesses. She's an accomplished product leader with a strong history of inspiring cross-functional teams to profitable results, and an expert in marketplaces, e-commerce, SaaS and lead generation models. Jeanne is a people-oriented team leader with a contagious passion for technology and user experience trends. Prior to joining Saatchi Art, she held roles at ZipRecruiter, Futuredontics, NetQuote, FTD,, and more.

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