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Total Retail Talks is for retail executives who crave the knowledge and insights needed to stay successful in today's fast-paced industry. Through engaging talks and focused interviews, listeners take away useful information and practical advice from a full roster of retail experts, influencers and leaders.

In this bonus episode of Total Retail Talks, Total Retail's Kristina Stidham and Joe Keenan discuss Total Retail's recently released research report, the 2023 version of the annual Top 50 Fastest-Growing Retailers report. This report was produced in conjunction with Saddle Creek Logistics Services. Listen in as Keenan shares why Total Retail produces this report each year (1:00), how the report data was calculated (1:25), and which companies sit atop the 2023 rankings (2:50). Furthermore, Keenan discusses some of the insights provided in the report, including profiles of the top five companies on the list that analyze how these businesses drove their sales growth (5:15).

To see the companies that made this year's list as well as pick up insights that can be potentially relevant for your own organization, download the 2023 Top 50 Fastest-Growing Retailers report here.

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