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In episode 221 of Total Retail Talks, Executive Editor Joe Keenan interviews Nizzi Renaud, chief marketing officer at Zazzle, an online marketplace that allows designers and customers to create their own products with independent manufacturers. Listen in as Renaud discusses the unique ecosystem of Zazzle's marketplace, how its custom products are manufactured, and the wide range of customers that the site attracts. She shares how partnerships with brands like Disney, DC Comics, Coca-Cola and many more are driving customer acquisition, bringing in shoppers seeking nostalgia or tapping into fandoms with certified, authentic brand designs.

Organic search is a major driver for Zazzle's business, as many shoppers are looking for personalized merchandise online and find Zazzle's customized offerings appealing. Renaud discusses why excellent product imagery is so important and why the brand is mobile-first to enable easy custom photo uploads as well as to support mobile commerce. Zazzle taps into paid search, social, email and other channels in its marketing efforts, and works with each brand partner to create giveaways or other tactics to draw attention to its branded products. Renaud shares her plans to continue growth at Zazzle, focusing on staying at the forefront of customization and creativity, utilizing emerging video and social technologies, and fostering customer loyalty through targeted marketing and customer care.

Nizzi Renaud is helping Zazzle’s marketplace ecosystem to reach new heights. From hardcore video gamers to crafty DIY enthusiasts and style aficionados, Renaud has engaged passionate communities in a variety of forms throughout her career. She has held leadership roles at Refinery29, Atari, and Etsy, as well as executive roles agency-side across diverse sectors including politics, tech and the nonprofit world. A graduate of Emerson College, Renaud has her BA in Communication Studies and her MA in Integrated Marketing Communications. Named one of Marketing’s Next Generation by Marketing Magazine, she lives in the Bay Area by way of Brooklyn, Toronto, Boston, London and Kolkata with her musician husband and dog.

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