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In episode 336 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Tristan Burns, global head of analytics at Pizza Hut International, a division of Yum! Brands. Listen in as Burns discusses his role within the Pizza Hut Digital Ventures tech division of the global company, his professional background, and the various ways that consumers digitally engage with the brand. He shares how Pizza Hut is using behavioral data to enhance customer experience online, how the company utilizes A/B testing, and the level of collaboration between teams across the organization to make data-driven decisions.

In addition, Burns discusses how Pizza Hut works with Contentsquare to understand points of friction within the digital customer experience, and identifies the business benefits realized from the partnership. Lastly, he shares what Pizza Hut is working on to continue to improve its customers' digital experience with the brand going forward.

Tristan Burns is the global head of analytics at Pizza Hut Digital Ventures in the UK. Tristan and his analytics team work in collaboration with teams across the business including UX, engineering and product to deliver data informed optimizations that drive sales and deliver an ever-improving experience for Pizza Hut's customers. Prior to PHDV, Tristan's journey in analytics has seen him work on one of the world's largest onshore Oil and Gas projects as well as for a major investment bank in London. Today, he sells pizzas and loves it.

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