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In episode 387 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews John Stratford, vice president of global e-commerce at MillerKnoll, a collective of dynamic brands that comes together to design the world we live in. During the wide-ranging interview, Stratford provides an overview of the MillerKnoll business and its brands (0:57), his professional background (2:40), and the behaviors he's tracking from e-commerce customers (4:45). He discusses the digital customer experience (CX) presented on the MillerKnoll brand sites (8:29), and the success of its 3D modeling tool for its B2B customers, which will soon be offered to direct-to-consumer shoppers as well (10:52).

Furthermore, Stratford shares how MillerKnoll is partnering with Salesforce Commerce Cloud to enhance its e-commerce experience (13:42), the company's internal process to vet and select new technology solutions (15:52), and the key e-commerce trends he's tracking across the retail industry (18:21). Lastly, he discusses the data collection work being done at MillerKnoll to enhance personalization and customer loyalty (20:38).

John Stratford is the vice president of e-commerce for MillerKnoll, where he's responsible for the operation and growth strategies of the digital business. With more than 20 years of experience leading and launching e-commerce businesses across the globe, he has delivered new and innovative approaches for unlocking growth through an evolved digital practice and enhanced customer experiences. Prior to joining MillerKnoll, he was the senior vice president of the global online business for Gap brand and most recently the vice president/general manager of the Stitch Fix men’s business.

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