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In episode 418 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Lyndsie Adams, former vice president of CRM and loyalty marketing, and James Nelson, director of marketing analytics at Life Time, a chain of athletic clubs in the United States and Canada. Listen in as Adams and Nelson discuss what omnichannel personalization looks like at Life Time(2:50), as well as how their teams use technology to power personalization efforts (5:50).

In addition, Adams and Nelson share an example of the personalized marketing campaigns Life Time is creating for its members (8:00) and how the fitness chain scales those efforts as membership and messaging frequency grow (10:10). Lastly, they discuss what success looks like when Life Time gets omnichannel personalization right (12:25) and the loyalty marketing technology and trends they're investigating right now (15:20).

This episode was recorded live at CRMC 2023 in Chicago. The podcast series is sponsored by PRIMO.

Lyndsie Adams, former vice president of CRM and loyalty marketing at Life Time, is an accomplished performance marketing visionary known to pioneer an omnichannel, consumer-first experience on a foundation of advanced data and technologies, driving consumer behavior change for mutual business and human benefit.

James Nelson, director of marketing analytics at Life Time, is an experienced business Intelligence leader with a developed skillset across retail analytics, statistics and data sciences. He has a Masters in Statistics along with 10 years of retail analytics and reporting experience. With four years of executive experience, Nelson brings both direct and team management expertise in business analytics, statistics, data science, analytics consultation, reporting development and testing.

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