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In episode 230 of Total Retail Talks, Executive Editor Joe Keenan interviews Eli Winkler, chief marketing officer at La-Z-Boy, a leading home furniture manufacturer and retailer. Listen in as Winkler discusses the furniture retailer's history, how the business has adjusted to consumers' changing behaviors, and the technology enhancements La-Z-Boy offers shoppers in its stores and online. He shares how the brand's use of data has improved the customer experience, its work with professional services company DMI, and how the partnership has allowed La-Z-Boy to provide product customization to its customers. Winkler offers insights into the personalized communications the brand delivers throughout a customer's purchase journey, and how in-store expert designers and associates provide elevated customer service to shoppers. Lastly, Winkler shares La-Z-Boy's marketing focus going forward, including plans to continue investing in and expanding its physical retail footprint.

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