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In episode 384 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Tom Nolan, CEO of Kendra Scott, a fashion-lifestyle jewelry brand with a focus on philanthropy and community. Nolan provides an overview of the Kendra Scott brand (0:45), his professional background that led to his current role (2:28), and how the jewelry brand differentiates itself from its competition, including during this past holiday season (4:35). He shares how the in-store experience is a core piece to the Kendra Scott brand (6:45), as well as the consumer behavior the company tracked this holiday season (10:18).

Despite a national labor shortage, Kendra Scott hired 700-plus seasonal workers for holiday 2022. Nolan discusses why the business is investing in new employees (14:22), how store associates shape the brand experience for customers, and growth opportunities for the jewelry brand in 2023 (18:24). Lastly, he shares the challenges he's forecasting for the retail industry this year (21:45), and how he's positioning Kendra Scott to overcome them (24:11).

Tom Nolan is the CEO of Austin-based jewelry brand Kendra Scott. He leads the business by balancing day-to-day functions and strategy with the integration of the brand’s core pillars of fashion, family and philanthropy into every consumer touchpoint. Nolan brings more than two decades of experience in brand building, management and results-driven strategic planning from a diverse range of businesses, including Condé Nast, Ralph Lauren, and his own business, Prospect Brands, LLC.

Nolan's commitment to innovation and excellence is clearly shown in his passion for serving others. He currently holds numerous board and advisory positions for prestigious organizations like Mizzen+Main; Tommy John, Inc.; and the Southern Golf Association, to name a few. Nolan received his MBA from The University of North Carolina and holds a BA in Business, Finance and Communications from Fordham University, where he played both baseball and golf. He currently resides in Austin with his four children.

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