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In episode 438 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Jarett Levan, president and CEO of BBX Capital, a diversified holding company and parent of IT'SUGAR, the largest specialty candy retailer in the U.S. Listen in as Levan provides an overview of IT'SUGAR (1:00), discusses its brick-and-mortar locations (2:30), and how it's balancing its e-commerce and store channels as an omnichannel retailer (3:25). He shares the candy brand's innovative merchandise (4:45) and how new product ideas are developed (6:30).

In addition, Levan touches on how IT'SUGAR fits into its parent company's brand portfolio (7:45), navigating the growing health consciousness among consumers (9:55), the candy company's growth plans for 2024 (10:50), and brick-and-mortar expansion in North America (12:05). Lastly, he discusses how IT'SUGAR creates a memorable customer experience for its in-store shoppers(12:55)

Jarett S. Levan is president and CEO of BBX Capital, a diversified investment and asset management company. The business of BBX Capital includes real estate ownership, direct acquisition and joint venture equity in real estate, specialty finance, and the acquisition of controlling and noncontrolling investments in operating businesses, including The Altman Companies, BBX Logistic Properties, Renin Holdings, and BBX Sweet Holdings. Mr. Levan is also CEO of both BBX Sweet Holdings and IT’SUGAR. BBX Sweet Holdings owns and operates IT’SUGAR, the largest specialty candy retailer in the United States with over 100 locations in 29 states and Canada, Hoffman’s Chocolates, a 48-year-old South Florida chain of chocolate and scoop shops, Hof’s House of Sweets, and Las Olas Confections and Snacks, a manufacturer of specialty chocolates and candies. Mr. Levan sits on the boards of BBX Capital, Bluegreen Vacations Holdings, and Bluegreen Vacations Corporation.

Mr. Levan serves on the boards of the Broward Performing Arts Foundation, is the chairman of business for the Arts of Broward, and is an advisory board member of the Hollywood Art and Culture Center. He's also a board member of the Broward Workshop and Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance Foundation, a member of the Nova Southeastern University Ambassadors’ Board and Fellows’ Society, and a member of the Young Presidents' Organization (YPO) and the Florida Bar.

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