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In episode 453 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Kristy Westrup, chief merchandising officer of IPSY, the beauty industry's most powerful marketing platform and the world's largest beauty membership. Listen in as Westrup provides an overview of the company (0:55), discusses her role at IPSY and professional background (2:05), explains how it is differentiating the brand to gain market share and awareness (5:50), and details the tactics it is employing to get customers to explore more products beyond their subscription items (7:45).

In addition, Westrup discusses delivering to consumers in all phases of the product lifecycle (10:10), the trend and product curation behind IPSY's member experience (12:25), how the brand collects and utilizes customer data (14:45), and how real-time customer feedback and trends influence merchandising decisions (18:10). Lastly, she touches on the opportunities she's most excided about at IPSY for the rest of 2024 (20:10).

Kristy Westrup is a seasoned executive in fashion, beauty and luxury with over 20 years of experience leading merchandising and business development across global markets for e-commerce, subscription, department store and travel retail.

As chief merchandising officer, Kristy leads merchandising, planning, personalization, brand partnerships and new business development functions for Beauty For All Industries (BFA). She oversees partner development, B2B strategy/marketing and campaign management across all subscriptions and e-commerce for BoxyCharm and IPSY.

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