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In episode 249 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Ari Grazi, co-founder and president of Indiewalls, a full-service art consultancy connecting designers, brands, and consumers to a global community of independent artists. Listen in as Grazi discusses his professional background, why he founded Indiewalls, and the company's new Indiesigns extension, which sells decals and signs that are custom-designed by independent artists who have suffered loss of work as a result of Covid-19.

Grazi shares why he feels quality, creative signage providing clear direction on social distancing guidelines can aid retailers in communicating with in-store shoppers as physical retail begins to re-open. Furthermore, he discusses why customers are more likely to follow and respect well-designed signage. Grazi explains why Indiesigns focused on supporting independent artists during this time, how the visual designers are contracted for signage projects, and how a portion of each design sold is paid directly to the artist. He shares his thoughts on the benefits of in-store signage in an post-COVID-19 environment, and how Indiesigns's Brooklyn-based production center is keeping the supply chain short and supporting the local economy.

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