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In episode 264 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Dana Zumbo, business development manager at Zappos Adaptive, a division of Zappos that carries a wide range of adaptive clothing and shoes with unique features to fit a variety of needs. Listen as Zumbo discusses why Zappos launched its Adaptive program, how the initiative was sparked from a customer service conversation, and the role that customer feedback plays in the program.

Zumbo shares why it's critical that Zappos better serve the disabled community, how the retailer is partnering with other brands that offer adaptive clothing, and discusses the launch of Zappos' Single and Different Size Shoes Test Program. Zumbo details how Zappos Adaptive's first-of-its-kind program allows customers of all abilities the opportunity to purchase a single shoe or shoes of different sizes, the customer demand that the online retailer has experienced since launching the program, and how the company is measuring the program's success. Lastly, she shares Zappos' process for fulfilling single or different shoe size orders as well as the company's marketing efforts around the initiative.

Dana Zumbo's drive in life is to sense and respond to the needs of others so they feel supported in a way that helps them contribute to their highest potential. With over 20 years of experience in vendor relationships and people development, she has been fortunate enough to put her values and beliefs into practice. As a business development manager for Zappos Adaptive, Zumbo strives to build authentic connections and bring people together to drive positive and meaningful change.

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