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In episode 351 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Johnny Meagher, senior director of marketing, North America at Wrangler, the 75-year-old heritage American jeans and workwear company. Listen in as Meagher discusses Wrangler's recent launch of a sustainable jean collection for Earth Day (0:58), the role that sustainability plays at the retailer (3:17), and how the brand is meeting its sustainability goals through its global platform, We Care (7:42). He shares what he's hearing from customers about the importance of Wrangler's commitment to environmental sustainability (10:38), as well as why affordable pricing is essential to keep consumer interest (14:10).

Furthermore, Meagher discusses how Wrangler's marketing team is creating awareness for its eco-friendly initiatives (14:54), and the level of collaboration across internal teams to ensure the organization is getting its sustainable messaging right (18:46). Lastly, he shares why work in sustainability requires an openness to ongoing education, and the delicate balance between structure and flexibility to adapt as goals and processes continually change (21:58).

Johnny Meagher is a seasoned marketing and advertising leader with 15 years of diverse experience across alcohol, CPG, tech, finance, fashion, hospitality, government, hardware, and gambling. Equipped with a deep understanding of the rapidly changing marketing landscape, he has the innate creative vision and intuition required to drive true change and growth for brands. Meagher is passionate about music, food and drink, travel, sport, and understanding the way people think.

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