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In episode 452 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Ashley Hubka, senior vice president and general manager of Walmart Business, the retailer's dedicated omnichannel experience for businesses and nonprofits. Listen in as Hubka provides an overview of the business unit (1:25), how Walmart identifies small business shoppers at its physical locations (3:00), her role within the business and professional background (4:10), and the common challenges local business shoppers face (5:05).

In addition, Hubka discusses how Walmart has addressed some of the challenges of local businesses (7:00), reviews the benefits of the Walmart Business app (10:30), details its Spark Good community giving initiative (13:30), and shares enhancements to the initiative's platform (15:00), including what these enhancements mean for the local business shopper (16:40). Lastly, she touches on how customer feedback has impacted both Walmart Business and Spark Good offerings (18:00).

As senior vice president and general manager of Walmart Business, Ashley Hubka oversees the retailer’s e-commerce experience built to empower SMBs and nonprofits. She oversees strategy, operations and growth drivers. Prior, she served as senior vice president, enterprise strategy, corporate development and strategic partnerships for Walmart.

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