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In episode 411 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Jake Lestan, senior director of consumer engagement at Valvoline, an American retail automotive services company. During the interview, Lestan provides an overview of his role (0:35), how Valvoline is future-proofing its marketing with empathy (1:60), and an example of an empathetic marketing campaign in the automotive industry (4:40). He shares how customer feedback plays a role in Valvoline's marketing strategy (6:30) and how the company is working with Epsilon to offer more intelligent marketing to customers (8:00). Lastly, Lestan shares his advice for other retailers and brands working to position their marketing for future success (10:00).

This episode was recorded live at CRMC 2023 in Chicago. The podcast series is sponsored by PRIMO.

A strategic senior marketing executive with a knack for solving complex challenges across the B2C and B2B landscape, Jake Lestan believes that creativity can serve as one of the greatest forces in business. Lestan helps transform organizations and brands through creativity, marketing effectiveness, consumer centricity and teamwork driving rapid revenue growth, customer acquisition and sustaining consumer engagement.

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