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In this bonus episode of Total Retail Talks, Digital Content Director Kristina Stidham interviews Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan about Total Retail's recently published report, Automated Order Replenishment Drives High-Level BOPIS Execution .... and Customer Satisfaction, produced in conjunction with SPS Commerce. Listen in as Keenan shares a few key highlights from the report and how retailers can use automation to optimize BOPIS and curbside pickup programs. He also shares the benefits that retailers can realize by automating the flow of information between themselves and their product suppliers, and offers a few tips from the report to help retailers improve BOPIS and curbside execution through the use of automation.

For more data, insights and tips on this topic, download your copy of the complimentary report, Automated Order Replenishment Drives High-Level BOPIS Execution and Customer Satisfaction, here. This report is sponsored by SPS Commerce, the only EDI and vendor enablement provider that gives you the full-service team and expert support you need to streamline manual processes and enhance collaboration.

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