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In episode 313 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Omer Iqbal, global head of digital strategy and enterprise architecture at Shiseido, the third-largest beauty and skincare company in the world. Iqbal discusses the breadth of Shiseido's business, the different sales channels that it uses, and how the retailer is working with Reltio to help it manage customer data across its many interaction points. He shares how the company is using technology to stay ahead of changing customer journeys, how Shiseido is focusing on creating unique experiences within each channel, and the benefits of effectively leveraging data to enhance the customer experience.

Furthermore, Iqbal discusses how the lessons Shiseido learned from last year's holiday season are impacting its planning for this year, why he believes new digital trends will continue long term, and how the company is meeting rising consumer expectations. Lastly, he shares how Shiseido is measuring the success of changes to its customer experience and details its focus on collecting and effectively using first-party data going forward.

Omer Iqbal is a results-driven digital, technology, and marketing leader with 18-plus years of experience managing and implementing e-commerce and CRM solutions, as well as web application development and system integration projects, to drive revenue objectives and meet critical business needs.

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