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In episode 317 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Tim Schroder, senior vice president of marketing at Save A Lot, a limited assortment discount grocer. Schroder discusses the company's offerings and his role, as well as Save a Lot's newly rolled out marketing and branding campaign "Like, A Lot A Lot." He shares why the company embarked on an overall brand refresh, with plans to remodel all stores by 2024, and how the grocer created an original song and music video with film director Drew Kirsch.

Schroder discusses the level of internal collaboration required to launch the campaign, how customer feedback helped shape the branding campaign's goals, and how Save a Lot's digital channels factor into "Like, A Lot A Lot" promotion. Lastly, he shares the company's overall marketing strategy to create customer awareness of the brand refresh, and how the business will be measuring the success of the "Like, A Lot A Lot" campaign.

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