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In episode 415 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Chris Ebel, former assistant vice president, marketing and CRM at Pep Boys, the leading automotive aftermarket chain in the U.S. Listen in as Ebel discusses his role at the organization (0:40), why it's critical for retailers to track shoppers' paths to purchase (1:10), and how Pep Boys uses tracking and attribution to deliver more relevant marketing messaging (2:33). He shares how the retailer works with Zeta Global to gain a 360-degree view of its customers through a customer data platform (3:25), as well as how Pep Boys is optimizing its intelligent advertising efforts (4:45).

Furthermore, Ebel discusses Pep Boys' strategy to engage both new and returning customers (6:15) and how the automotive retailer also tracks vehicle data for each customer (7:15). Lastly, he shares what success looks like for omnichannel attribution at Pep Boys (8:45).

This episode was recorded live at CRMC 2023 in Chicago. The podcast series is sponsored by PRIMO.

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