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In episode 279 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Phillip Raub, CEO of Model No., the first custom furniture brand that operates at the intersection of technology, design and sustainability. Listen in as Raub discusses his professional background, the ethos of the Model No. brand, and why he was drawn to join the startup company in early 2020.

In addition, Raub shares why sustainability is essential to Model No., the company's direct-to-consumer e-commerce strategy, and how its furniture customization studio offers a great shopping experience for consumers. Furthermore, he discusses the status of the furniture category today, the opportunity for Model No. to be a bigger player in the space, and the retailer's marketing strategy to create brand awareness and drive customer acquisition. Lastly, Raub shares how Model No. developed its 3D printing technology in-house, the advantage that proprietary knowledge brings to the company, and where he is focused for growth in 2021.

Phillip Raub joins Model No. from b8ta, where he served as president and co-founder of the software- powered retailer. In this role, he pioneered the retail-as-a-service concept, which leverages data analytics to provide brand partners with consumer product engagement and feedback data in real time. He was also integral in expanding the brand to new markets domestically and internationally. Additionally, he served as co-CEO of Toy Retail Showrooms, the operator of Toys “R” Us® stores in the U.S., where he led the vision to evolve the iconic toy store into an experiential retail brand. Prior to b8ta, he served as head of global channel marketing for Nest at Google. Over the years, Raub has proven to be a true innovator operating at the intersection of commerce and technology, and is distinctly poised to position Model No. as the category leader in the furniture industry at the cross section of technology and sustainability.

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