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In episode 269 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Jordan West, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Little & Lively, a Canadian baby and kid's clothing brand. Listen in as West discusses the company's history, and how his professional background led him and his wife to start the brand. He shares why customer retention is critical to the business, how Little & Lively uses a brand story video series to target customers after they visit its website, and how the company creates personalized videos for all first-time customers.

West discusses his thoughts on scaling the personalized video program, and how he is utilizing a team of virtual assistants and video platform Bonjoro to help with those efforts. He shares the feedback he's received from customers about the custom videos, the business benefits he's expecting to see from this program, and the importance of the Little & Lively VIP Facebook group. Lastly, West shares his advice for other retailers looking to use content to drive customer retention and engagement; a framework for creating branded, personalized content; and where he's focusing his attention as he looks to take the next steps to grow the Little & Lively brand.

Jordan West started in marketing at 22 when he bought a Taco Del Mar chain restaurant. The learning curve was large, but after five years he had tripled the sales at the restaurant with creative marketing tactics. After selling the store Jordan and his wife grew their children’s clothing company, Little & Lively, from a small at-home operation to one of the “top 10 baby brands in Canada” with advanced digital marketing techniques. Jordan’s business passion is helping e-commerce brands grow exponentially. Fun Fact: Jordan is a part-time paramedic and loves helping people on their “worst day.”

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