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In episode 223 of Total Retail Talks, Executive Editor Joe Keenan interviews Jennifer Palerino, head of digital marketing at Kroger, one of the world’s largest retailers operating two dozen banners in nearly 2,800 stores across the U.S. Palerino discusses Kroger's discount vitamins and health foods brand Vitacost, and how the brand is using data to improve its digital marketing efforts. She shares how Vitacost leverages a variety of digital marketing channels, including email, search and social, and the vital role that technology plays in driving its digital marketing efforts.

Palerino discusses Vitacost's use of Selligent's segmented marketing tool to improve campaign performance, and gives an example of a recent kinetic email campaign that performed extremely well due to effective segmentation and interactive creative. Palerino shares how the growth of mobile is impacting Vitacost's marketing strategy, the metrics the brand analyzes to determine campaign success, and how daily and weekly campaign reviews help the brand stay on top of the latest trends. She discusses what Vitacost is focusing on moving forward into 2020, including innovative testing, one-to-one personalization, and more.

Jennifer Palerino is an innovative leader with a passion to lead and inspire teams through consistent change. Her unique leadership experience goes across marketing and digital, as well as general management. Jennifer brings a unique combination of innovative thought partnership and hands on digital marketing experience. She has an instinctive ability to see the big picture and a clear path towards taking action. Jennifer's passion and energy excel beyond any team that she leads, motivating and inspiring all around her. She has a consumer-centric approach to creating value and decision making that would be of great value for any organization trying to connect more deeply with its target market. Jennifer is responsible for all digital marketing, including email, push, SMS, affiliate, paid search, display, shopping, paid social, video, PR and print.

Jennifer was the first Vitacost employee to win the Progressive Grocer's "Top Women in Grocery" Rising Star award in 2016, submitted by Kroger executives. She has also won many industry awards for best "Marketing Innovation" for multiple years with her campaigns.

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