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In episode 433 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Alex Reveles, vice president of global brand management at JanSport, a VF Corp backpack and bag brand. Listen in as Reveles discusses her role within JanSport (0:50), why the brand is targeting Gen Z consumers (1:45), and the shopping behaviors this demographic is exhibiting (3:35). She shares how the backpack brand is aligning with behaviors and actions of Gen Z shoppers (6:00) and why it's focused on being authentic (8:25).

In addition, Reveles discusses how JanSport is evolving its products to be relevant as Gen Z shoppers mature (9:15), why it's important that its products showcase brand values (13:00), and how her team is leveraging technology to better serve its customers (13:55). Lastly, she touches on the growth opportunities JanSport is targeting in 2024 (14:45) and how the backpack brand pivots quickly as consumer trends change (17:50).

Alexandra Reveles (Smith) leads global brand management for JanSport, a brand in the VF Corp portfolio. With over 10 years of service, Reveles began her career with JanSport in 2011 within the creative department, working on high-energy campaigns including the JanSport Bonfire Sessions, which brought a friend-filled bonfire under the stars to local communities across the U.S. to usher in the back-to-school season. In 2019, she became the senior brand marketing manager, steering the brand towards a greater sense of purpose with #LightenTheLoad, a mental health initiative for the Gen Z JanSport consumer.

A purpose-driven leader, Reveles quickly moved to director of marketing in 2021, where she helped lead the development of “Disorientation,” a sketch comedy TikTok and YouTube series aimed to start cultural conversations around back-to-school in a post-COVID world. In 2023, Reveles was promoted to vice president of global brand, where she currently leads the JanSport brand in celebrating a generation of those who are the protagonists of their own lives. “JanSport Always with You” celebrates the journey to self and promises that JanSport is here for all of it. A graduate of Sonoma State University, Reveles lives in Colorado and is the mother of two adorable children.

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