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In episode 299 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Michael Stein, head of e-commerce at Coleman Furniture, an online furniture retailer that is part of Renegade Furniture Group. Listen in as Stein discusses how Coleman Furniture is utilizing technology to differentiate itself from the competition, examples of how the company is using artificial intelligence (AI) to power visual search and personalization on-site, and how visual search technology helps convert customers. He shares the business benefits Coleman Furniture has realized since implementing Syte technology, how tools like augmented reality helped bring the brand's products into customers' homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, and why the company is focused on improving the on-site user experience.

Stein discusses the metrics he's tracking to measure the success of new technologies, why understanding a customer's search intent is key to delivering relevant experiences on Coleman Furniture's website, and why the company is now focused on incorporating user-generated content across the shopping journey.


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