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In episode 236 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews David Pisker, general manager, customer experience and e-commerce at Officeworks, a big-box Australian retailer providing office supplies and business services. Listen in as Pisker discusses Officeworks use of an in-store traffic tool from Kepler Analytics, which has helped with in-store operations such as merchandising and staffing optimization. He describes how the tool allows Officeworks to gain valuable data on in-store shoppers, shares the timeline behind the tool integration, and explains why Officeworks chose to partner with Kepler Analytics. Furthermore, Pisker discusses how frequently Officeworks is making changes in its stores based on the data collected, how a variety of internal teams are utilizing this in-store data in different ways, and the key business benefits realized from its partnership with Kepler Analytics. This episode was recorded live at the 2020 National Retail Federation Big Show.

David Pisker heads up the customer experience and e-commerce teams at Officeworks, Australia’s largest office supplies retailer. David has 30 years experience delivering customer-focused solutions across a variety of industries, including retail, automotive, tourism, consumer goods, and wagering. David has held several senior management positions within international agencies as well as large corporations.

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