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In episode 268 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Jacee Scoular, director of brand marketing strategy at Hollister, a global teen brand. Listen in as Scoular discusses why Hollister decided to launch its "Show Up for 2020" voting campaign, the elements of the effort, and the demographics of the brand's customer base.

Scoular details Hollister's partnership with Gen Z daily newsletter The Cramm and its founder, Olivia Seltzer; why Seltzer is an excellent partner for the Show Up for 2020 campaign; and how Hollister is holistically promoting and managing the campaign. Scoular explains why it's becoming so important for brands and retailers to be involved in social issues, Hollister's philosophy on corporate social responsibility, and the feedback the brand has received since launching the Show Up for 2020 campaign in September. Finally, she shares the goals that Hollister is hoping to accomplish through the campaign.

Jacee Scoular is the director of brand marketing at Hollister Co., and has a laser-focus on building customer-first brand strategies that authentically connect with Hollister’s core Gen Z demographic. Her efforts have led to relationships with partners that reach the teen customer in unique ways, meeting them where they already spend their time with engaging, relevant content.

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