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In episode 409 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Eldad Rothman, co-founder and chief operating officer of, an independent online eyewear brand. Rothman provides an overview of the direct-to-consumer brand (1:00), the inspiration that led him and his co-founders to start the business (2:00), and the growth potential for in the expanding online eyewear market (4:32). He discusses the retailer's focus on product and technology innovation (6:30), as well as how developed expertise and key partnerships in eyewear as the brand grew (9:45).

In addition, Rothman discusses how the brand is leveraging technology like its virtual mirror to improve the online shopping experience (13:25), and's upcoming expansion into omnichannel with its first brick-and-mortar stores (17:08). Lastly, he shares the growth opportunities he's targeting for the brand going forward (19:35).

Eldad Rothman is the co-founder and COO of Optimax Eyewear, a global, vertically integrated, e-commerce leader focused on the eyewear industry. Optimax’s mass-market DTC brand,, is the leading independent online eyewear brand retailer in the United States. Driven by a highly advanced proprietary technology stack, robust R&D and UX capabilities, enabling advanced optimization and personalization throughout its platform, as well as “best-in-class” marketing and e-commerce capabilities, and a unique scalable global fulfillment setup, Optimax continues to present a robust unit of economics. Optimax recently rolled out its United Vision Plan product, an innovative online eyewear benefit platform and with a strategic platform-as-a-service collaboration with a leading U.S nationwide healthcare provider in which the group is providing its unique, fully integrated capabilities.

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