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In episode 113 of Total Retail Talks, recorded at last month in Los Angeles, DSW's CEO, Roger Rawlins, and CFO, Jared Poff, discuss the footwear retailer's new brand mission, which is focused on building engaging customer experiences, distorting traditional assortment, enabling associate product knowledge, and improving operational execution. Rawlins and Poff provide details on how DSW will use its physical store locations as warehouses for the shipping and receiving of digital demand and returns; new store layouts that allow DSW to tell curated product stories; the launch of a new loyalty program that may include services like shoe rental and shoe repair; and co-developing new proprietary technology that will allow associates to connect with customers and facilitate their discovery and decision making. In addition, Rawlins and Poff offer their thoughts on the state of retail today; the technologies they're most interested in; their leadership styles; and more.


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