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In episode 326 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Sachin Shroff, vice president of CRM, loyalty and marketing technology at Michaels, the largest arts and crafts retail chain in North America. Shroff discusses the technology investments the retailer made to support its personalization efforts, how Michaels is using personalization to optimize the performance of its loyalty program, and the cross-functional, top-down approach it took to build the process internally.

In addition, Shroff shares the role that customer feedback plays in Michaels' loyalty and CRM efforts, how the company measures the performance of its personalization efforts, and how technology connects those efforts across physical and digital channels. Lastly, he discusses what Michaels is focusing on to improve the effectiveness of its loyalty and CRM efforts moving forward.

This episode was recorded at CRMC 2021 in Chicago.

Sachin Shroff is a visionary marketing leader passionate about driving business goals using data and analytics, with a proven track record of driving multimillion-dollar growth through loyalty and CRM. He has expertise in leading loyalty and CRM strategy and execution, advanced data analytics, marketing technology, customer acquisition and retention strategies, media mix modeling, sales forecasting, and research. Shroff prides himself on collaborating with other leaders and business owners to make a more significant impact. In addition, he enjoys teaching and served as an adjunct faculty member at a community college mentoring database professionals for over a decade.

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