It's the middle of August, yet retailers are busy gearing up for the holidays. And it goes without saying that your customer service during this critical time is of the upmost importance. During last month's Retail Marketing Virtual (RMV) Conference & Expo, Josh Kent, founder and CEO of, discussed how retailers can connect with customers and improve their customer service during this critical time.

In this audio snippet from the event, Kent describes the importance of maintaining communications and managing customer expectations during the holiday season:

"Whether it's the holidays or off-season, they [customers] still have that off-season expectation. That's what we really try to convey during our shopping experience."

Kent goes on to explain that if there are changes in inventory and shipping due to the high volume during the holidays, it's critical that you clearly communicate that information to your online audience.

"If that three-day turnaround becomes a five-day turnaround, we make that really obvious. We put that in their cart, we put that in their email, we reiterate it. Because if you can get them to understand that the holidays are slowing things down, you won half the battle."

For more tips on how to prepare for the holidays, check out all of the RMV sessions on-demand here.

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