E-commerce Goliath Amazon.com has been a dominant player in the retail space for many years now. With a seemingly infinite amount of resources, such as same-day shipping and drone delivery (at least potentially), it's hard for small business owners to keep up. So, what are some ways SMB's can compete with Amazon this holiday season?

During this year's Retail Marketing Virtual Conference & Expo, T.J. Gentle, president and CEO of SmartFurniture.com, shared his thoughts on how retailers can differentiate themselves from Amazon. In this audio snippet, Gentle discusses the three areas retailers should be focusing their efforts on.

"You know the bottom line here is you don't compete with a giant, you innovate," said Gentle. "Basically, we can compete on products, service and technology. There are variations of those, but start with those three and see what can you do with each of those facets."

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