Alex and Ani is constantly looking for new ways to improve its digital marketing strategy. As one of the fastest-growing brands in the retail industry, the Rhode Island-based jewelry company focuses on how to reach customers on a personal level. Through social media, digital strategy and strong company core values, Alex and Ani has been able to grow exponentially over the last two years. One of Alex and Ani's more recent digital endeavors is experimenting with beacons in its stores.

During the recent Retail Marketing Virtual Conference & Expo, Ryan Bonifacino, vice president of digital strategy at Alex and Ani, shares how the retailer is using beacons and the impact they've had on in-store traffic. In this audio snippet, Bonifacino shares the step-by-step process of how Alex and Ani implemented beacons within its storefronts across the U.S.

"The one particular use case [for beacon technology], outside of driving demand, was bettering the customer experience as it relates to brand identification through social imagery," said Bonifacino.

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