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OMNI-1000 Research: Are Global Retailers TRULY Offering Omnichannel Services?

The Omni-1000 provides a look at the actual omnichannel practices of the world’s leading retailers. Using a "random walk" methodology, OrderDynamics investigated retail websites to determine the e-commerce capabilities, policies and offerings of more than 1,000 retailers from the U.S., Canada, Australia, the U.K. and the Nordics (Sweden, Finland and Norway). The research proves that omnichannel commerce is far from being the standard model, even among leading retailers.

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The Winning Strategy for MAP Success and Long-Term Brand Value in the E-Commerce Market

As virtually all consumer product manufacturers and brand owners by now realize, the world is becoming increasingly e-commerce driven. While this paradigm shift has ushered in numerous opportunities for businesses, it also presents significant challenges. One of the most significant challenges businesses face in this environment is how to effectively enforce minimum advertised price (MAP) policies and uphold brand value in the face of a constant assault from diverters and unauthorized marketplace sellers advertising their products at prices that harm brands. What's becoming clearer each day is that even the most iconic brands must act swiftly and aggressively to preserve downstream sales and overall brand integrity.

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State of Location Intelligence 2018

We surveyed over 200 business executives, data analysts and business analysts, collected their responses, analyzed the data, and are sharing with you our findings. We hope this report helps build a business case for implementing or investing in location intelligence (LI) within your organization, whether you’re new to LI, planning to adopt new practices or software, or already have infrastructure in place that you're looking to optimize. Overwhelmingly, our data shows that businesses executives and data practitioners see LI as critical to their organization’s success, and even more critical over the next three years. To stay relevant in a rapidly changing market, they will have to overcome many challenges that are keeping their businesses from fully realizing the potential and practical applications of LI.

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Customer Retention

Loyalty is Not a Program

In their scramble to reach customers, many business leaders start acquiring mass amounts of data. Others create incredibly complex analytics. Some think the answers come from the top. What's often lost in this quest to innovate is the very thing we claim to value: the customer. Customer centricity might sound like just another buzzword, but it creates the framework required for customers to fall in love with your brand. The strategy? A dynamic and powerful partnership across IT, analytics and busines — between the Geeks, the Nerds and the Suits. This book exposes the most common hurdles companies face in becoming customer-centric, and shares insight on how Geeks, Nerds and Suits can play their part in overcoming them. It not only demonstrates how to create effective collaboration between your teams to solve problems, it shows you how to create a business atmosphere that runs itself and clears the path for innovation.

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Mobile Commerce

Mobile and Desktop Search Gap is Widening

Findings from a new report released by BrightEdge show that 57 percent of website traffic is mobile and has overtaken traditional desktop traffic. The research also determined that content is being presented to mobile and desktop users in completely different ways depending on the type of device being used. The report offers several strategies for delivering the best possible customer experience across mobile, tablet and desktop.

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Digital Innovation

Digital Signage in Retail

When retailers have problems with store ad management, communication and displays, digital signage is the answer. Digital signage is a rapidly growing tool used among retailers large and small. This e-book will allow retailers to discover how digital signage draws in customers, represents your brand, and displays memorable ads that drive sales.

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Data Security

Digital Malware: Impact on the E-Commerce Market

This new benchmark report measures the impact digital malware has on e-commerce retailers. The data in the report is drawn from Namogoo’s monitoring of 500 million website sessions across a range of industries over a six-month period (January 2017 –June 2017). The report outlines the current infection rate of consumer machines, the rate of infected online sessions, causes for fluctuation, and guidance on how online businesses can protect the customer journey and win back lost revenue.

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Ego Free Leadership: Ending the Unconscious Habits That Hijack Your Business

One of the greatest challenges retail executives face is striking a balance between the tasks required to maximize productivity and the people skills necessary to create a culture where customer service and excellence are the norm. Far too many retail executives become so mired in the short-term “bottom line” that they neglect to nurture the leadership skills that lead to long-term results. One of the greatest dangers these executives face is falling victim to their own egos — egos which can prevent them from making sound business decisions, unconsciously set a poor example, and create a culture where poor customer service and underperformance are an acceptable way to work.

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The 2017 U.S. Holiday Shopping Forecast

Do you know what your sales will look like in Q4 2017? You could look at last year’s numbers and make predictions based on that, or you could directly ask shoppers your biggest questions. It’s not easy to parse that data. Fortunately, we did the work for you.

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Promotional Analytics in Today's Retail World

When insights-driven retailers design offers or promotions, analytics play a big role in their strategy. 1010data has developed a useful guide on promotional analytics with detailed examples that show how to use your own promotional data to drive more trips, larger baskets, and increased store margin.

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