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Special Reports

The Future of Retail and How to Build a Digital-First Roadmap to Growth

We’re living in a new era in retail. Anything can be purchased anywhere, at any time. We've entered an age when advanced communication technology, once the exclusive privilege of large, wealthy companies, is available to anyone. E-commerce has rewritten the rules of buying and selling, and every merchant needs to know how to negotiate the landscape. Matt Bertulli has devised the essential e-commerce playbook for retail startups as well as established B-to-B and B-to-C retailers, providing step-by-step solutions to help you plan, build and grow a profitable retail business.

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Industry Sector Reports

The Amazon Effect: How Retailers Are Adapting Their Businesses to Better Compete With the Industry Leader

At the center of today's digital shopping transformation is The online retailer continues to exert its influence on the retail industry. From its online marketplace to newly opened brick-and-mortar stores to web and fulfillment services, Amazon is a force to be reckoned with. Amazon is disrupting the retail industry, both online and offline, and its influence only continues to grow. The question is, how do retailers not only compete with Amazon, but also beat it?

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White Papers

'The Great Returns Race' Benchmark Q4 2016

In this latest edition of ‘The Great Returns Race’ we have a few surprises in store. But we’ve still not seen any retailer hit 100% so there’s still work to do across the board. Discover the movers and shakers of the returns world in 2016's last installment of ‘The Great Returns Race: The Final Quarter’ produced by ReBOUND.

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