July 19, 2029

Are Retailers Backsliding in Online Trustability?

by Jeff Wilbur

The focus on data privacy and security on the web has reached a fever pitch in recent years. As data breaches continue to make headlines, consumers are understandably concerned about the vulnerability of their personal and financial information. Online retailers have an especially high bar when it comes to the protection of credit card data…


How to Use Scarcity and Urgency to Enhance Email Marketing Performance

by David Warren

In today’s world, retailers are having a harder time than ever finding ways to break through the deluge of daily email messages in order to reach customers and get them re-engaged with their brands. So often, marketers talk about getting new customers into the pipeline, but perhaps even more challenging is re-engaging customers who have…

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End the Customer Identity Crisis – Know Your Customers

Suffering from fraudulent transactions or poor customer loyalty? It could be the result of an identity crisis – not truly knowing your customers. Melissa’s all-in-one solution, Personator, can help! It verifies identity, updates outdated contact info and adds demographics in real-time or batch. Learn how to flag risky transactions, improve fulfillment and end the identity crisis for good!


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Stores, Mobile Helping to Drive Sephora's Omnichannel Success

In episode 205 of Total Retail Talks, Mary Beth Laughton, executive vice president, omni retail, Sephora, discusses the beauty retailer’s approach to omnichannel retail. Laughton details how Sephora listens to its customers, then seeks to deliver innovative solutions across all channels — stores, web, mobile — that best serve their wants and needs. Specifically, Laughton…

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7 Retargeting Mistakes That Cost You Customers and Cash (#7 Will Surprise You)

Retargeting ads are tremendous vehicles to build brand awareness, convert browsers into buyers, and turn buyers into repeat customers. But with 80% of marketers reporting they’re overloaded, they rush and mistakes happen when creating retargeting campaigns. These seven mistakes are costing them — not only ninja-marketer status, but lots of customers and cash.


Why Retailers Need to Rethink How Their Fighting Mobile Fraud

by DJ Murphy

The mobile revolution for retailers has climaxed, as evidenced by the fact that 72 percent of consumers make purchases via their smartphone, according to recent research from iVend Retail. As such, many retailers have smartly upped investments in digital strategy to ensure they can deliver a mobile-optimized experience to consumers. However, what many often (and…


What a Personalized CX Means for Retailers, and How to Achieve it

Brands are investing in customer data platforms that can help them create a single view of each customer across millions of potential data points. With that individual customer profile, personalization becomes possible. In this interactive webinar, our expert speakers will address how to create a single customer view across multiple channels and data points and much more.