September 14, 2019

 Weekend Edition

Welcome to this issue of the Total Retail Report: Weekend Edition, a recap of what you may have missed last week on Have a great weekend!


Starbucks Clover: A Missed Revenue Opportunity

by Jim Gilbert

What is the greatest coffee secret at Starbucks you never knew? Simple answer: a cup of coffee from its Clover machine. I will get to the sales and marketing point of this blog post in a moment. But first let’s talk about a subject most of us love: coffee! If you’ve never had a “Clover,” you’re…


Why Shipping Must Be a High Priority for Online Retailers

by Matt Crawford

The global e-commerce market is continuing to boom, and as the industry matures it’s clear that shipping is as important to success as any other aspect of business. Shoppers might love the product, but if they don’t like the shipping options, they won’t buy. Offer them cheaper or better choices at checkout, and they’ll probably…

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The Future of Retail is Reputation

by Don Ross

In an era of growing distrust, there’s no denying how crucial reputation is for a business. Several businesses underestimate the power of a review, so the team at Trustpilot surveyed 1,700 shoppers to prove the naysayers wrong. We recently published a report with conclusive data that shows brand reputation and reputation management are critical to…