July 20, 2019

 Weekend Edition

Welcome to this issue of the Total Retail Report: Weekend Edition, a recap of what you may have missed last week on myTotalRetail.com. Have a great weekend!


Can Personalization Save Retail?

by Tom Treanor

It’s been called an apocalypse. Each time a company announces a new wave of brick-and-mortar closures, headlines predict the end of retail as we know it. However, savvy retailers aren’t going down without a fight. As the industry gears up for the year’s next major shopping events — Back to School, Black Friday and the…


Why Petco’s Genuine Connections Make for Brilliant Marketing

by Patrick McCullough

Would you appeal to more consumers if you eliminated a large portion of your inventory? That’s exactly what Petco is doing. Petco announced that as of May 1, 2019, it will be the first major pet food retailer to sell only pet food without artificial ingredients. This bold move puts Petco’s brand ethos at the forefront and appeals…


The Promo Calendar is Dead. Long Live the Promo Calendar.

by Jonathan Treiber

The retail promotional calendar is how almost every retailer has planned for, managed and executed its seasonal promotions and discount activities. There’s just one big problem with this approach: it doesn’t work. It isn’t well-suited for today’s retail industry, and hasn’t been for some time. The entire landscape is changing at a faster pace, and…


DTC Brands Use of the Email Address is the Canary in the Coal Mine

by Adam Berkowitz

How are direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands dexterous and competent in marketing trends where incumbents bumble? A few years ago, the marketing trend du jour was content marketing. Dollar Shave Club developed its “Bro talkin’ razors” campaign (not the official title!), creating the rare content marketing that didn’t make you cringe. But Dollar Shave Club was just…


Customer Experience Transformation Benchmark

Consumers expect more and are willing to buy more from companies that deliver exceptional customer experiences


Invest In Partnerships To Drive Growth And Competitive Advantage

Impact, the global leader in Partnership Automation, commissioned a global study conducted by Forrester Consulting confirming a direct correlation between a business’s partnership program maturity and their ability to meet and exceed revenue and growth goals


Why Big Marketing Bills Make Retail Price Wars Hurt Much More

by Anthony Ng Monica

As retailers fight to win online market share, they’re forced to up their game and push boundaries to meet customer expectations. The reality of competition in today’s cutthroat world of e-commerce translates into companies looking to one up or match their competitors, which is doing more harm than good to the industry. Many online retailers…


The LTV Acquisition of Influencer Marketing on the Bottom Line

by Kelly Revestijn and Erin Ludlow

Influencers is a term you simply cannot go a day without hearing in our hyperconnected world. They’re viewed as the trusted link between a retailer or brand and consumer. Yet, according to a Cision and PRWeek survey, only 39 percent of U.S. marketers feel confident in their ability to identify the right influencers to use.…


Shopper-centric P2P Analytics

Defining the emerging role of Path to Purchase Analytics and its impact on winning shoppers and growing categories