February 20, 2019

Zoom in: Learn What Gen Z Expects From Brands Post-Pandemic

by Eric Oldfield

With 200 million users worldwide and nearly 20 percent of American students counted as users, Brainly is now the world’s largest online learning community. Not just for the Gen Zers it serves, but also for myself as a student of this increasingly influential demographic. This new generation is being shaped now more than ever as…


Customer Data is Transforming Retail Operations

by Tom Treanor

The focus for many retailers in 2020 is delivering differentiated customer experiences (CX) that are highly personalized to each individual. This is evident by a recent report we commissioned with eTail and WBR Insights, Retail CX and Data Management Strategies in 2020, which revealed an industry that’s investing heavily in new technologies to improve their businesses,…


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COVID-19: Why Long-Term Tech Investment Pays Off

by Derek O’Carroll

In the face of rapidly changing consumer lifestyles and shopping habits, businesses are finding the need to pivot quickly to stay competitive in today’s landscape. Digital transformation is something we’ve been talking about for a long time in retail, but many brands swifty moved online, seemingly overnight, once they realized this is how they would…


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Stitch Fix Lays Off 1,400 California Workers, Plans to Move to Lower-Cost U.S. Cities

by Kristina Stidham

Online retailer and styling service Stitch Fix said Monday that it plans to lay off 1,400 stylists based in California between now and the end of September, reports CNBC. The company plans to hire 2,000 stylists in other U.S. locations like Dallas, Minneapolis, and Austin, Texas, between the summer of 2020 and into next year. Laying…


Retailers Become Major Player in Tech-Based, Team-Oriented Approach to 'Whole Health'

by John Clifford

There’s a major shift happening in the healthcare industry to make itself more a part of consumers’ everyday environment, and it’s happening outside of the doctor’s office. Retailers are pushing to use technology to hype up the health management experience and bring consumers into stores for services that typically take place at a medical office.…


Price Changes in Medicine and Healthcare During COVID-19

by Ramesh Karki and Pragyan Shrestha

The COVID-19 crisis has changed everything. From mail-in voting to grocery deliveries, the pandemic is reshaping markets and industry like nothing we’ve seen before. Consumer behavior has also changed across e-commerce platforms due to panic and frenzy caused by the virus. This has understandably led to a change in how sellers adjust prices as well.…


How Data-Driven Loyalty Will Help Win Back Shoppers Post-COVID

Focus on getting the right tools and technology in place now, and you’ll be able to hit the ground running once shoppers start returning to stores. In this interactive webinar, our expert speakers will discuss the areas you need to prioritize to future-proof your business. They’ll talk through the solutions that will help you build customer loyalty and drive revenue long term.