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Mickey Drexler, Former CEO, J.Crew
November 15, 2017 at 11:12 pm

"Things have been miserable in retail. The last two [years] or three years have not been fun whatsoever."

Eddie Lampert, CEO, Sears Holdings Corp.
May 10, 2017 at 4:57 pm

"Preparing the company for this day and age is something we've been working on for the last dozen years. The challenge for us internally, as well as externally, is to be able to demonstrate to the world that what we've built is something that can stand up against the best competition that's out there."

Mary Dillon, CEO, Ulta
April 5, 2017 at 4:56 pm

"At the end of the day, especially in retail, you’ve got humans serving humans. And really, the more engaged and happier associates are, the happier our guests are. It’s not complicated."

Jim Boscov, CEO and Vice Chairman, Boscov's
February 15, 2017 at 5:45 pm

"Albert Boscov was truly one of the giants in the retail industry. He was a man of vision and passion, and he had a profound influence on the retail business community and the community at large."

Free E-Book: The ROI of Tag Management
June 5, 2012

The ROI of Tag Management by Econsultancy and Tealium explores the measurable benefits of digital marketing's hottest innovation. Tag management enables e-commerce marketers to manage all of their digital marketing vendor tags — from affiliate marketing programs to retargeting campaigns — with point-and-click simplicity. Increase agility, reduce costs and improve web site performance. Download this free e-book today!

Free Whitepaper: comScore's Online Shopping Customer Experience Study
June 4, 2012

What matters most to online shoppers? Hint: It has less to do with specific products and everything to do with communication, and that includes shipping and returns. You'll find key insights into what makes online shoppers click, consumers’ online shopping preferences, what shipping and post-purchase services enhance the customer experience most, and more with this fact-filled whitepaper. Check it out here!

Take Control of the Online Experience to Increase Conversions
May 22, 2012

Giving potential customers the information they actually want is one of the most effective ways to grab their attention in today's fragmented media landscape. With the right tools in place, once you have a visitor's interest, it becomes easier to guide individual website experiences, with conversion as the ultimate goal.

What you will learn:

- The importance of making a great first impression through relevant website content
- How PODS employed a relevancy strategy to double its percentage of business that is booked online
- How to use customer segmentation strategies to drive more relevant content
- How triggered marketing campaigns can help improve the online retail experience

9 Ways to Squeeze More ROI Out of Your Shopping Cart
May 21, 2012

Marketers have developed quite a bag of promotion and coupon tricks to get consumers to spend more at the checkout counter or when mailing in the order form. The good news for online retailers is that modern e-commerce software lets them easily adapt these proven promotional techniques to an online environment to lift average order sizes, revenues and profits.

You Will Learn About:

- Free Shipping
- Premiums
- Discounts
- Coupons
- and more!

Top 10 Steps to a Successful Content Marketing Strategy
May 21, 2012

Digital Content is everywhere - your website, blogs, social media outposts, and every mobile device imaginable. And with customers and prospects radically adjusting to this wealth of information, companies are investing in developing digital content like never before. Despite their efforts, however, these same companies often miss valuable opportunities because they lack a well-rounded content marketing strategy.

This new whitepaper from Bridgeline Digital identifies the top 10 steps to building a content marketing strategy that you can execute within your company in an effective and timely manner.

What you will learn:

- What is content marketing management
- Why you should treat content like a critical business asset
- How to understand the content needs of your audience
- Why maintaining an editorial calendar is so important
- Why you need to give your content a "voice"
- Why content management and web analytics tools can best help you deliver relevant content

Free Whitepaper: The 3 T's of Modern Marketing: Team, Technology, Tools
May 17, 2012

A new digital marketing landscape is beckoning; how can you be sure you're prepared? With the simultaneous explosions of mobile, social networking, Wi-Fi and constant connectivity, we're creating a world that constantly offers more, with more selection, more options and more more than ever before.

More than 3.5 billion pieces of content are shared weekly on Facebook alone — certainly the fastest growing of the social platforms, but definitely not the only one. It's simply not enough to call this digital landscape "modern marketing" anymore.

Key points you'll take away from this free whitepaper include the following:

  • how to build the best team, insource vs. outsource;
  • what are the right tools for your marketing strategy — content management, e-marketing, web analytics and e-commerce;
  • how to choose the most effective technology for your company goals — SaaS vs. perpetual, integrated vs. multiplatform; and
  • how to tie all three together to increase traffic, visitor engagement and conversions.

Free Whitepaper: List Marketing or List Madness: Exorcise the Demon of Bad Data
May 14, 2012

Uncover the ins and outs of selecting the right list provider. Check out this free whitepaper, which covers the following: tips to identify audiences that respond; pros and cons of house, purchased and rented mailing lists; important details about list owners, managers and brokers; and how to sort through the clutter to get the best lists possible. Download this free whitepaper to find the right list partner for you.

State of the Social Universe: What Marketers Should Keep in Mind, from 4 Experts Who Can Help You Reach for the Stars
March 21, 2012

State of the Social Universe: What Marketers Should Keep in Mind, from 4 Experts Who Can Help You Reach for the Stars

They shared their insights on where things are now, what trends are emerging, what marketers need to emphasize, and how they can make the most of it all. Sections include:

1) Drive the Mobile Vehicle Smartly, and Honor Your Email Opt-In Relationships
- Sara Meaney President, Strategy & Growth, Hanson Dodge Creative

2) It's About Location, Location, Location: Know Where Your Customer Is
- Asif Khan Founder and president of the Location Based Marketing Association

3) On the Rise: Social Intelligence
- Doug Camplejohn CEO of Fliptop

4) Start - and End - with Your Content
- Ann Handley Chief content officer for MarketingProfs

Get Your Mocial Mojo Working: Effectively Integrating Email, Social, Mobile and Local
March 21, 2012

The way we communicate is moving-literally. Smart phones are outselling PCs, and tablet sales are expected to outpace desktop sales by 2013. But although the screens may be smaller, the possibilities for engagement are larger than ever.

You'll find the following covered in this handy whitepaper:

- What Does Mocial Mean for Marketers?
- Determining Your Mocial Strategy and Goals
- Growing Your Email Database Through Social and Mobile
- Making Email More Social
- Extending the Reach of Social and Mobile
- Deploying Integrated Programs Across Email, Social and Mobile