Pay it forward: Solving three key challenges in payments processing

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If you are worried about losing customers at checkout, this new research report "Pay it forward: Solving three key challenges in payments processing" from the experts at IBM is a must read.

After all, you can't solve problems unless you understand what the issues are. You need to know what today's consumers expect and demand from their online shopping experience. And, more importantly, what are the barriers preventing them from completing their purchases!

Comprehensive and packed with compelling data and insights, this complimentary whitepaper will shed light on:

- Key reasons for shopping cart abandonment
- The impact mobile is having for online retailers
- The importance of a wide variety of payment options
- The rising risk of card-not-present fraud
- And so much more.

Let's face it: It's a fast-changing omni-channel world out there. And it presents daunting new challenges for online merchants. Let this report help outline the issues and show you the way forward.

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