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In episode 318 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Eric Bjorling, director of brand marketing and public relations at Trek Bikes, a heritage bicycle retailer and manufacturer based in Waterloo, Wisconsin. Bjorling discusses why Trek conducted its first-ever emissions audit in 2020, the learnings from Trek's first Sustainability report, and the steps the company pledged to take to become a more sustainable organization. He details the changes the business made in areas like shipping and production, the benefits and challenges to makes these changes during the continued COVID-19 pandemic, and the companywide support for focusing on sustainability projects.

Furthermore, Bjorling discusses how Trek is measuring the progress of its sustainability efforts, why the company is funding public trail development with the launch of its Trek Foundation, and how customer feedback influences these projects. Lastly, he shares how Trek's marketing team is ensuring consumers know about the brand's sustainable business practices as well as sharing eco-friendly initiatives with its retail partners.

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