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In episode 337 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Natalie Hurst, director of customer success at Nuuly, a clothing subscription rental experience from the Anthropologie, Free People and Urban Outfitters family. Hurst discusses Nuuly's rental and resale services, her role in creating a seamless rental experience for the brand's shoppers, and the customer success challenges the company has faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. She shares how the customer success team stayed agile in an effort to do what was best for the customer, and how the customer success team factors into Nuuly's overall approach to building strong customer relationships.

In addition, Hurst discusses how she empowers her team to act as the face of the digital brand, the benefits realized through Nuuly's partnership with automated communications platform Intercom, and how her team uses a resolution chatbot to answer customer inquiries. She shares how Intercom has improved customer satisfaction rates and subscriber retention, and how Nuuly is continually working to better serve its customers.

Natalie Hurst is currently the director of customer success at Nuuly, where she’s a passionate advocate for the customer’s experience and oversees a growing team of 22 customer success associates, supervisors and managers. From her early days working as a relationship manager for small businesses and now in the fashion industry, she’s ensured the customer’s voice is a top business priority. Originally from Pittsburgh, Natalie now lives in New Jersey with her husband, two young daughters and rambunctious dogs.

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