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This episode was recorded live at CRMC 2022 in Chicago.

In episode 365 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Brigitte Barron, director of global CRM and customer growth at e.l.f. Beauty, vegan, cruelty-free professional affordable makeup and skincare products. In the wide-ranging interview, Barron discusses her responsibilities at e.l.f. (1:26), the brand's recently enhanced omnichannel loyalty program (3:00), and how the company tracks loyalty rewards data on customer purchases across its retail partners (4:37).

Furthermore, Barron shares the messaging strategy behind customer loyalty communication (6:00), including the types of content that e.l.f. Beauty customers want to receive (7:26). Barron discusses the data sources her team is looking at to track customer engagement and help deliver personalized content (8:42). Lastly, she shares what's in the pipeline to continue to grow the e.l.f. Beauty Squad loyalty program (11:44).

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