Total Retail Talks MediaTotal RetailTotal Retail Talks is for retail executives who crave the knowledge and insights needed to stay successful in today's fast-paced industry. Through engaging talks and focused interviews, listeners take away useful information and practical advice from a full roster of retail experts, influencers and leaders.noAmbrose Crenshawacrenshaw@napco.comPhysical Retail Drives Batteries Plus' Explosive GrowthJoe KeenanInside Batteries Plus' Explosive Franchise Growth, 13 Sep 2021 21:59:26 -040024:46How Office Depot's Connected Business Delivers Seamless CXJoe KeenanHow Office Depot Delivers Seamless CX, 6 Sep 2021 21:58:18 -040024:25Shiseido's Data Management Efforts Create Better Customer ExperiencesJoe KeenanShiseido's Data Management Efforts Optimize CX, 30 Aug 2021 17:35:17 -040021:40National Business Furniture is Designing the Office of the FutureJoe KeenanNational Business Furniture is Redesigning Offices, 23 Aug 2021 15:55:45 -040019:12David's Bridal Exec Kelly Cook on Building a Loyalty ProgramKristina StidhamDavid's Bridal Exec Kelly Cook on Building Loyalty, 16 Aug 2021 21:16:31 -040033:27Digital Marketing Best Practices for Customer Acquisition and RetentionKristina StidhamBest Practices to Acquire, Retain Customers Online, 12 Aug 2021 20:55:02 -04005:42How PepsiCo Uses Data and Technology to Create Holistic Brand InteractionsJoe KeenanHow PepsiCo Uses Data, Tech in Brand Interactions, 9 Aug 2021 19:24:02 -040022:13CVS Updates its Loyalty Program With Eye Towards Omnichannel ExperiencesJoe KeenanHow CVS Has Updated its ExtraCare Loyalty Program, 2 Aug 2021 21:27:22 -040018:09Live Shopping Events on Facebook Help Abercrombie & Fitch Engage Customers, Drive SalesJoe KeenanAbercrombie & Fitch Launches Live Shopping Events, 26 Jul 2021 17:21:06 -040015:56Big Lots' SVP of Marketing Details its "Be A BIGionaire" CampaignJoe KeenanCustomer Data Drives Big Lots' Marketing Campaign, 19 Jul 2021 19:29:40 -040023:02Customer Feedback, Relationships Foster 20 Years of Growth at LATHERJoe KeenanHow Customer Feedback Fostered Growth at LATHER, 12 Jul 2021 21:22:09 -040025:14Mall of America EVP on COVID Silver Linings and Brick-and-Mortar's FutureJoe KeenanMall of America EVP on Brick-and-Mortar's Future, 5 Jul 2021 12:27:27 -040023:43How FTD is Reimagining its Digital Experience for Both Florists and ConsumersJoe KeenanHow FTD is Reimagining its Digital Experience, 28 Jun 2021 21:11:57 -040030:27How to Optimize BOPIS Execution With Automated Order ReplenishmentJoe KeenanHow to Optimize BOPIS Execution With Automation, 24 Jun 2021 13:55:06 -04006:42How Jane's Curated Marketplace of Small Businesses is Drawing ConsumersJoe KeenanHow Jane's Marketplace of SMBs is Drawing Shoppers, 21 Jun 2021 21:54:55 -040021:58Immersive Store Experiences Bring Apparel Brand DUER to LifeJoe KeenanStore Experiences Bring Apparel to Life at DUER, 14 Jun 2021 18:50:03 -040020:28Andie Extends it Fit Expertise From Women's Swimwear to IntimatesJoe KeenanHow Andie is Bringing Fit Expertise to Intimates, 7 Jun 2021 18:40:54 -040018:59The Baking Steel Fires Up Online Marketing to Capture At-Home CooksJoe KeenanThe Baking Steel Fires Up Marketing to Grow D-to-C, 31 May 2021 18:58:51 -040020:24How Coleman Furniture Uses AI to Power Visual SearchJoe KeenanHow Coleman Furniture Powers Visual Search With AI, 24 May 2021 19:29:54 -040015:17PGA TOUR Superstore CEO Dick Sullivan Talks Company Culture, Team Leadership, and MoreJoe KeenanA Q&A With PGA TOUR Superstore CEO Dick Sullivan, 17 May 2021 17:22:05 -040028:48Team Magnus Utilizes Amazon to Build a Global Customer BaseJoe KeenanTeam Magnus Uses Amazon to Acquire Global Buyers, 10 May 2021 13:10:33 -040028:09Why Recommerce is a 'Triple Win' for eBay Sellers, Buyers and the PlanetJoe KeenanWhy Recommerce is a 'Triple Win' for eBay, 3 May 2021 18:47:09 -040021:48How Grove Collaborative is Impacting the Sustainable Home Essentials MarketJoe KeenanGrove is Impacting the Sustainable Products Market, 26 Apr 2021 19:56:15 -040017:46How Retailers Can Improve BOPIS and Curbside Pickup ProgramsJoe KeenanHow to Improve BOPIS and Curbside Pickup Programs, 21 Apr 2021 19:22:03 -04009:00Schick's New Products Align With Sustainability GoalsJoe KeenanSchick's New Products Meet Sustainability Goals, 19 Apr 2021 19:13:16 -040018:20