The rise of mobile and social channels over the last year has no doubt cast a large shadow over email marketing and its staying power. It seems every couple months we see a report claiming email marketing is "dead." That's just not the case, says Jeanne Jennings, vice president of global strategic services at email agency Alchemy Worx. In fact, email marketing offers a higher return on investment than any other direct response channel.

During last month's Retail Marketing Virtual Conference & Expo, Jennings explained how retailers can leverage their current email marketing strategy for a stronger ROI. In this audio snippet from the event, she discusses the difference between open-and-click reach and open-and-click rate, and why it's important to know the difference between the two. (You can download and listen to the full session on-demand.)

"Open-and-click reach are more aggregate figures, and what they tell you is how much of your audience is engaged with your email," said Jennings. "So typically the higher your reach, the more effective your email marketing program is."

What are your thoughts on email marketing? Is it still a pillar in your company's marketing strategy, or is your brand focusing on other channels? Let us know in the comments section below.

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