Stephanie Lucy

Starting October 14, Target will feature 20 toys at the front of its aisles promoted with signs featuring QR codes. Shoppers with smartphones can scan the codes to buy any of those items and have them shipped free. "Providing this convenience for mom is about ensuring that she's able to shop the way that she wants to," said Stephanie Lucy, Target's vice president of toys and the mother of two who knows about not wanting to ruin the surprise of the holidays.

Hasbro will unveil its exclusive My Little Pony retail program at U.S. Target stores July 31. The program features an out-of-aisle premium My Little Pony Canterlot space in the toy department. Inspired by "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic," the Hasbro Studios TV show airing on The Hub, products in the Canterlot section will include bedding, costumes, books, t-shirts, arts and crafts, activity sets and exclusive toys based on characters Princess Celestia, her sister Princess Luna and Twilight Sparkle. Canterlot at Target is a showcase example of how Hasbro reinvents our brands and works with retailers and licensees to

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