Russ Gaitskill

For over 30 years, Garnet Hill has been deeply rooted in the community, participating in a wide array of local and national causes. Garnet Hill continued this legacy by orchestrating and launching its First Annual Community Service Day on Thursday, May 14.

Writing this issue of The Corner View from Cambridge, Mass., during the Spring NEMOA conference this week, I found myself reflecting on the types of people who attend this conference, as well as the types of people in this industry today. Although the catalog business has undergone much consolidation over the years, which has stripped some companies of their entrepreneurial spirit, when you come to a NEMOA, it reinforces the industry’s ages-old character. NEMOA people are warm, caring, entrepreneurial and very social. They share a unique passion for the catalog business. In many respects, they’re indicative of the traditional cataloger. But guess what? They’re

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