Philip Greene

Topshop and Nordstrom announced live on CNBC they are teaming up. While Sir Philip Green has already put a stake in U.S. ground he intends to continue bringing British fashion to the U.S. in the form of 15 to 20 flagship stores over time. Nordstrom cnbc_quoteComponent_init_getData("JWN","WSODQ_COMPONENT_JWN_ID0E1G15839609","WSODQ","true","ID0E1G15839609","off","false","inLineQuote"); will bring us a taste of the fast fashion retailer starting this fall. In September, 14 Nordstrom stores will roll out the Topshop brand, including some exclusive products. Fast fashion is here to stay and the retailers who cannot keep up have reason to worry about those who can offer fresh product on

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